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Because every part of the body is interconnected, our philosophy is to enhance health by improving conditions within the mouth. Of the utmost importance in holistic dentistry is the abstinence from and the removal of harmful substances, such as amalgam fillings. Used around the world for decades, it has come to light that amalgam dental fillings contain mercury. Mercury is an element that is toxic at any level - carrying fifteen times more toxicity than arsenic, something you would never want in your mouth. There is no safe amount of mercury!

Regardless of what research has shown us, the American Dental Association has not banned the use of mercury in amalgam fillings. This is interesting, considering other countries have banned this substance, and our FDA has banned its use in products such as paint. Also of interest, is the same organization that finds no harm in placing mercury in patients' mouths, warns practitioners against handling mercury fillings with bare hands, as the substance can be absorbed through the skin. With the stringent guidelines for handling and storage that are meant to decrease the risk of mercury vapor leaking into the environment, we believe that our patients also should be shielded from such toxicity.
At New Health Dental, you can be rest assured that we have never placed a mercury filling, and we never will. Going one step further, Dr. Fritz performs the safe and effective removal of amalgam fillings, replacing them with a healthy alternative.
A conscientious holistic dentist, Dr. Fritz is especially excited about the advances in technology that allow us to achieve optimal results while facilitating a highly comfortable dental experience for all of our patients, who range in age from children to older adults. Greater comfort comes in part through the expertise of a highly trained staff, and in part through innovative equipment like our digital x-ray machine. More developed than the digital machines found in most dental practices, the equipment used in our practice does not require the patient to bite down on uncomfortable films or plastic pieces. All x-rays are completed externally, allowing us to fully view all areas of the mouth and jaw as needed.

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