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Straighter Teeth through Custom Orthodontics

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The appearance of the smile has become a thing of great importance in our society. How we present ourselves in both our personal and professional lives has a great impact on our well-being, as first impressions are made within seconds and based primarily on aesthetics. When teeth are crooked, crowded, spaced too far apart, or otherwise impacted by orthodontic issues, how one is perceived is affected. Fortunately, there are several options for orthodontic treatment today, allowing anyone to straighten teeth for their most healthy and beautiful smile.

At New Health Dental, we approach orthodontics based on each patient's needs and desires. Under the experienced eye of Dr. Fritz, who has performed orthodontics for 30 years, patients may address concerns using traditional braces, non-extraction orthodontics, or clear braces options using plastic aligners. Our goal is to help our patients feel great about the appearance of their teeth, and to provide the healthiest treatment options possible in orthodontics.
Taking a holistic approach to orthodontics when teeth are crowding into a small space, Dr. Fritz believes in expanding the arch rather than extracting permanent teeth, which are necessary for full function and a beautiful smile. Called non-extraction orthodontics, this method has been around from the dawn of orthodontic treatment, and is very effective. Non-extraction orthodontics begins with the patient wearing expanders with specially designed braces, allowing the space between teeth to gradually widen over time. The upside to non-extraction orthodontics is that natural teeth are spared, resulting in a broader, more attractive smile. Treatment time is about the same as traditional orthodontics, but without the trauma of having teeth extracted.
Cosmetic orthodontics are highly popular today, often used by individuals who have experienced some degree of shifting in teeth after undergoing traditional orthodontics in childhood. For adults who desire to correct such mild imperfections, there is a non-extraction orthodontics solution consisting of removable plastic aligners. This orthodontic treatment addresses those issues that affect the appearance of teeth visible in the smile. Aligner trays are custom-made using a model of the patient's teeth, with each tray gently moving teeth into their new position.
Straight teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing; they also enhance oral health by promoting better oral hygiene practices.

To achieve your goals for a beautiful smile, contact us for more information about the various orthodontics available at New Health Dental.
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What our patients say about Orthodontics Treatment

"Dr. Fritz and his staff was very friendly. He took the extra time to speak with me and answer my questions. I've had four amalgam mercury fillings replaced. I'm happy with his work, the new fillings were matched to the original look of my molarars and they look natural. Dr. Fritz used the latest techniques in safe amalgam removal. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be mercury free. I'm mercury free yey!!!"
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