Removable aligners provide discreet, convenient orthodontic correction in Mesa

While conventional braces do an excellent job at correcting alignment issues, patients are usually given a treatment time of several years. For many, the idea of facing 2-3 years of treatment is less than ideal. At New Health Dental in Mesa, we offer patients removable aligners to straighten their teeth. With this method of treatment, patients can expect results in about eighteen months.

The removable aligner system is ideal because it is comfortable and convenient. The BPA-free plastic isn’t painful and can be taken out while eating and cleaning teeth.

The differences with removable aligners:

  • Average treatment period is around eighteen months
  • Use of clear aligner trays.
  • Low force keeps patients comfortable

The removable aligners procedure

The dentist will evaluate a patient to determine if they are a good candidate for the treatment. This process includes x-rays and impressions that can be used later to map out the desired movement of the teeth.

During a subsequent appointment, patients come into our office to receive their removable aligner trays. Trays are swapped out about every two weeks during treatment. Follow-up appointments will occur approximately every six weeks to allow us to monitor the movement of the teeth and make sure treatment is progressing correctly.

During the treatment period, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Remember to brush and floss well after eating and before putting the trays back on to reduce risk of tooth decay.

After the treatment is complete you will be fitted with a retainer to keep your teeth in the proper position. This may be a removable one worn at night or a permanent one.

If you live in Mesa or the surrounding areas, contact New Health Dental today at 877-943-3703 to learn how the removable aligners can give you the straighter smile that you desire.

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