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Best Chelation Therapy provider in Mesa, AZ area
For more than 30 years, Dr. Edward Fritz has been providing excellent and skilled dental services to his Mesa area patients. The combination of gentle patient care with skill and education makes Dr. Fritz a trusted partner in health care with his patients. From preventative dentistry to restorative and cosmetic, he ensures that patients receive the care they deserve from every person in his practice.

More and more frequent patients are coming to Dr. Fritz, expressing their concern over their exposure to environmental toxins in their body. These toxins which often come through exposure to heavy metals can harm a person’s health and wellness. Lately dental patients have been hearing about their increased exposure to mercury due to silver or metal fillings which contain amalgam.
To that end, Dr. Fritz is pleased to introduce Dr. Ty Tallman, a neuropathic physician and trusted colleague of Dr. Fritz. Dr. Tallman is now offering chelation therapy at the New Health Dental practice. This therapy includes properly and safely removing the amalgam filling and replacing it with a mercury-free filling. This ensures that a patient’s exposure to dental amalgam stops. Next the patient is tested to determine how much heavy metal toxin is built up in the body. This is done through a simple urine test. After the results of the test are determine, Dr. Tallman will know which chelating agent to use to combat the exact metals that are in the body. Simply stated chelations are chemical compounds that are introduced into the body in order to extract the heavy metals from the body. Chelation can be given orally or via an IV and then are safely eliminated from the body using its natural excretion methods.
This procedure will reduce or eliminate any side effects that patients are feeling from heavy metal toxins living inside the body, such as emotional instability, tremors, memory loss, and even cognitive declines.

If you're worried about the effects of metal toxins in your body, call the New Health Dental practice today to schedule an appointment.
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During your first appointment you’ll simply be tested to determine if there are heavy metals in your body. From there your treatment will be follow established protocols that have previously led to great results for many patients.
Amalgam removal using the SMART

Amalgam removal using the SMART - Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, which we are certified for by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

What our patients say about Chelation Therapy

"Ive always been scared of going to the dentist and then I came here and Dr. Fritz is the best. For all those people looking for a real dentist he is the one. Highly recommend."
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