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"I have never been so comfortable in a dental office. Dr. Fritz has a passion for dentistry and it shows in his work. The staff is incredible and makes you feel right at home. Dr. Fritz is a real person and he makes you feel like a person not just a number. If you are looking for a dentist who will give you the best treatment in every way, look no further than New Health Dental, you will not be disappointed :)"

Dentures for a Long Lasting Restoration of your Smile

A number of factors affect the longevity of our natural teeth, and the loss of permanent teeth is something that can occur in people of any age. Whether teeth fall out or need to be extracted for reasons such as illness, traumatic injury, or years of poor oral hygiene, replacement of lost teeth is important. Dentures have been used for decades as the primary solution to missing teeth. Dental implants are a popular option today, but a denture can meet the needs of many patients.
Dentures, which may be fabricated as either a partial, to replace a few teeth, or complete, to replace all of the teeth in an upper or lower arch, have been associated with discomfort and lowered oral health in the past. Today, when a denture is made well and precisely crafted to the patient's jaw structure, this solution for missing teeth will benefit the patient, allowing him or her to enjoy a healthy smile for many years.
Understanding the intricate details of dentures, Dr. Fritz goes above and beyond for his patients, crafting a trial denture that is worn for a few weeks and then carefully assessed for fit. This trial denture appliance allows the patient to get used to the feel of dentures, and to notice any areas of concern before committing to a permanent appliance. Should any alterations be needed, they can easily be completed in the crafting of the permanent denture appliance.
With advances in technology, dentures now fit better than ever before. However, patients may also choose to obtain an implant-supported denture. This treatment consists of the placement of a few dental implants, tiny titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone to act as an artificial root. A specialized denture appliance is then attached to the implant, and held firmly in place. With the added support, the patient never has to worry about dentures slipping or falling out.
Your options for replacing lost teeth are varied. To discuss the options available at New Health Dental, contact us for your consultation.
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