Dentist in Mesa offers Dentures in a day

Dentures in a Day Mesa

Dentures are false teeth designed to be removable to replace missing teeth. Depending on the number of teeth lost, a patient will have either full or partial dentures. The process to create a custom denture for a patient is a long process; however, a Mesa, AZ dentist has found a way to allow denture patients to receive dentures in a day.

Dentures are designed to match each patient’s teeth and bite. They are made with acrylic resin and sometimes have metal attachments, depending on whether the patient has full or partial dentures. The process for a conventional set of dentures begins with the dentist making impressions of the dental arches and the way they relate to each other. He will create models in the shape of the dentures. The patient has several appointments to try them on and assess for the color and the fit before the final appliance is made.

The dentures are usually placed eight to twelve weeks after the teeth have been removed. This gives time for the gums to finish changing as they heal. Dr. Fritz will place an immediate set of dentures that were made ahead of time. These allow the patient to get used to the feel and fit of dentures, and adjust for any problem areas or concerns. There may be several appointments to adjust the dentures, but this eliminates patients having to spend any time without teeth and it also facilitates healing.

Either the conventional or the immediate dentures will feel odd until the patient’s tongue and cheeks get used to keeping them in place. Some words and speech patterns may be hard to pronounce, and a little soreness and increased saliva production at first is normal. As the patient adjusts to the dentures, these problems will resolve.

The dentist will know best if denture adhesive is needed. A good denture usually does not need it, but the dentist will know which brand is the best and safest to use. Modern dentures are beautifully natural looking, and many patients notice a positive change in their facial appearance as well.

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