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Porcelain Tooth Fillings

Porcelain Tooth Fillings, your Mercury-free Alternative
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It is important to maintain the structure of teeth so that normal chewing function can continue, and so that teeth do not become weak. When tooth decay develops, it becomes necessary to remove the damaged portion of the tooth so that decay does not spread, but simply removing unhealthy tooth structure would leave the tooth compromised. This is why tooth fillings are used as part of this restorative treatment.

We know that amalgam fillings have been shown to contain mercury, which is not safe even in the small amounts found in a single filling. At New Health Dental, we avoid metal fillings in favor of porcelain. This material is ideal for a number of reasons; one being that porcelain is a material that is very close in character to natural enamel. Fillings of porcelain are tooth-colored, and are highly stain resistant as well. Using a tooth-colored material, Dr. Fritz is able to make necessary restorations while making no negative aesthetic impact on the patient's smile. After a porcelain filling has been placed, the smile is just as beautiful as before and healthier as well.
The purpose of removing decay and placing a filling is to ensure that the affected tooth remains strong and functional. Using a material like porcelain is more beneficial than using metal, because many of the metal alloy materials used for fillings are known to expand and contract with varying temperatures. Porcelain's rate of expansion and contraction is very much like that of natural enamel, which makes it a better choice. Further benefit comes from the fact that porcelain bonds very nicely to natural tooth structure, prolonging the life of the restoration.
Having worked with porcelain fillings for decades, Dr. Fritz is well acquainted with this material and its characteristics. With this deep familiarity, he is able to craft porcelain fillings in such a way as to promote longevity. Porcelain is more delicate than metal alloy materials, and so our porcelain fillings are made in a thickness that adds strength to the tooth, reducing the risk of chips or cracks under the intense pressure of chewing.
It is our goal to provide a high standard of care using the healthiest materials and techniques to restore oral health.

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"Great experience having amalgan fillings removed - very professional and gentle. Thank you!"
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