Where can I find a safe dental cavity filling near me in the Mesa area?

Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental provide area patients with a myriad of dental solutions. A common procedure done in our practice is that of fillings. When cavities occur, it is important for patients to speak to a dentist about having the treated with a cavity filling. Fillings are used to seal off the area of decay and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth. It also keeps the decay from spreading.

In the past, the most common dental cavity filling was that of silver amalgam. Silver amalgam is a metal filling that is comprised of approximately 50% mercury. Mercury, when heated, has toxic properties to one’s health. It is not safe for use in the body, although many dentists continue to use it today. At New Health Dental, we have been fully educated and experienced in understanding the disadvantages of silver amalgam fillings. We know that it does not have holistic properties and can cause a variety of medical problems to arise. Instead of putting the smile and body at risk, Dr. Edward Fritz will suggest an alternative such as porcelain tooth fillings.

Porcelain tooth fillings are not only safe for placement, but they are aesthetic. Silver amalgam fillings stand out when patients smile, laugh, and talk to others. This is because they are dark and stand out from the natural enamel of the smile. Instead, porcelain tooth fillings are made to blend in with the tooth’s structure and color to ensure better aesthetics. Porcelain tooth fillings are also affordable, and many patients prefer them over more risky alternative such as silver amalgam replacements.

When patients have a cavity, they can seek help from New Health Dental. We can provide a thorough evaluation to determine the severity of the decay, and offer a solution that is beneficial to the smile and body. We encourage patients to understand the advantages of non-metal restorations in the oral cavity as well as the rest of the body by educating them on holistic practices and the importance of the oral systemic connection.

If you are searching for a dental facility that offers safe cavity filling solutions “near me” in the Mesa area, contact the team of New Health Dental today. Dr. Edward Fritz and his dedicated team of professionals are here to help with preventive, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions that are both affordable and holistic.

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