Mesa, AZ dentist is removing mercury amalgam fillings safely

Dental amalgam is the silver-colored material made from mercury, silver, tin, and copper and used mostly in back teeth to fill cavities. Amalgam is fairly inexpensive and durable and has been widely used as filling material for more than one hundred years. There are disadvantages; the amalgam dramatically expands and contracts with temperature changes, possibly leading to cracking and fracturing of the tooth. It is also not aesthetically pleasing, and will often stain the tooth a grayish color. In order for the dentist to use the amalgam, a large portion of the tooth structure needs to be removed. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is the inclusion of mercury, a metal that is unsafe even in the small amount used for the filling – especially to the portion of the population allergic to it.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental prefers to use mercury-free options such as porcelain and composite fillings rather than amalgam fillings. A composite filling is made of a tooth colored resin hardened with a special light and then shaped and polished. Porcelain is a more aesthetically pleasing product and highly stain resistant. It is closest to the natural enamel on the teeth and will not expand and contract as dramatically as amalgam. Since a dentist can match the colors to blend with your teeth, it is used in more areas of the mouth. It also is more durable than a composite filling. With proper care, porcelain will last 15 years or more.

Dr. Fritz has a holistic approach to dentistry and is happy to help his patients by replacing old and potentially harmful amalgam fillings with porcelain. His technique used when removing amalgam fillings prevents mercury exposure and minimizes discomfort, protecting his patients from pain as well as exposure. If you have older dental work with amalgam that concerns you, or if you have discovered new decay, call New Health Dental to schedule a consultation.

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