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Dental Implants - A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

In dentistry, the goal is to maintain the natural structure of teeth as much as possible. When a tooth is lost due to decay, trauma, or illness, the traditional method for replacement is a dental bridge or denture appliance. Although these methods have improved over the years, and we still offer them in our office, there is no denying that the dental implant is a superior restoration for one single reason: implants restore teeth to their most natural state.
A dental implant is more than a tooth restoration. With this procedure, the patient also regains healthier root structure that is necessary for full function. By inserting a tiny titanium screw into the jawbone during a procedure in which the patient is numbed and may be sedated, Dr. Fritz can restore a tooth to a strong and healthy state.
The various benefits of dental implants include:
Full strength and natural function through the artificial root. The jawbone heals around the implant over time, permanently fixing it into place. This not only benefits chewing function, but also facilitates the maintenance of healthy bone tissue in the jaw.
Implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth. Dentures are removable, and may need to be altered for proper fit through years of use. Both dentures and dental bridges will last for years, but both require replacement periodically.
No slipping or falling out, which means no discomfort and better function. Integrated into the jawbone, an implant has a firm foundation. Dentures float on top of gums and are stabilized with denture adhesive. Should the adhesive fail, the dentures may rub against gum tissue, causing irritation and swelling. Even worse, dentures may fall out if not used very carefully.
No other teeth are impacted by this solitary restoration. A dental bridge relies on the strength of adjacent teeth for full function. Those teeth must be altered for fitting with dental crowns, meaning that the natural tooth structure of two teeth is weakened. Dental implants are not reliant on other teeth as the artificial root supplies the foundation needed for function.
Dental implants are not ideal for every patient or every situation. To discover if this restorative procedure is right for you, contact us for your consultation.
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