Where can Mesa area patients get affordable dental implants?

Tooth loss can be devastating. Whether it happens because of disease, extraction, or injury, patients need to speak to a dentist in the Mesa area about replacing these teeth to maintain the function and beauty of the smile. In many cases, patients who are appropriate candidates may be introduced to the idea of using affordable dental implants to restore their smiles.


Dr. Edward Fritz is a holistic dentist who provides quality restorations such as dental implants for patients in and around the Mesa area. Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed during oral surgery and restored over the top with a crown or full denture. Implants are the strongest, most stable solution for tooth loss, and are often more desirable than dentures or dental bridges.


Implants have a number of benefits, including permanency, a long lifespan, and strength and stability that cannot be achieved with any other tooth restoration solution. This is why many patients consider them as the best solution to tooth loss. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental may suggest them for patients who are proper candidates. The patients best suited for dental implants are those with sufficient jawbone structure and otherwise healthy smiles. Patients must also be well educated on what is necessary to maintain dental implants over the course of time so they can last several decades.


Dr. Edward Fritz offers affordable dental implants for patients who are appropriate candidates. In addition, he works with dental insurance companies to help patients determine if they are eligible for reimbursement of their dental treatments. Some dental insurance plans may be able to reduce the out-of-pocket expense of dental implants making them much more affordable for patients.


If you live in Mesa or a surrounding community and you have considered dental implants or other tooth replacement options, speak with Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of professionals at New Health Dental. With a consultation appointment and examination, patients can take the time to find out if dental implants are right for them.


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