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Managing Gum Disease Comfortably with Laser Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum disease is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans today, one out of three to be more specific. At New Health Dental, we strive to catch gum disease in its earliest and most curable stage, Gingivitis. Once past this early phase, gum disease has no cure, but can be managed through excellent at-home oral hygiene practices and in-office gum disease treatment.

The problem with gum disease treatment is that most patients can barely tolerate the more traditional techniques used to remove infected tissue and harmful bacteria. The deep cleanings, use of antibiotics, and root scaling is effective, but only when patient compliance is high.
Today, there are innovative advances that Dr. Fritz uses in treating gum disease. Called LANAP, our laser gum disease treatment has changed the way that patients receive care, and has increased compliance by eliminating the pain associated with traditional treatment for gum disease.
For years, antibiotics have been used to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause infection in delicate gum tissue. However, this approach does not come without its challenges. Bacteria are very fluid and constantly changing. Therefore, antibiotic use is only effective for gum infection in limited cases. Using the laser approach, we are able to immediately eradicate all different forms of bacteria that threaten gum health, greatly reducing the reliance upon antibiotics that may or may not produce results.

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What is probably the best aspect of laser gum disease treatment is that this form of managing gum disease is far less invasive than traditional gum therapies that deep clean the roots of teeth. It is less painful, with our patients being able to tolerate treatment under local anesthetic that numbs the area. Following treatment, any remaining discomfort is easily reduced with over the counter medication, and resolves quickly. The use of laser has also been found more effective than traditional treatments, vaporizing infected tissue on contact, and encouraging the growth of healthy new tissue. As such, we find that patients require fewer dental visits to manage gum disease, and are able to avoid further problems associated with this condition.
Treating gum disease is important for sustained oral and general health. The mouth is not isolated from the rest of the body. When gum tissue becomes infected and diseased, the rest of the body is at risk of disease as well. Because gum disease has been linked to a number of serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, we encourage our patients to receive regular evaluations and treatment when necessary.

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"This office is AMAZING! No wonder it is rated 5 stars by everyone! I came in today as a new patient to get a cleaning and see what work I needed to have done. I have a tremendous amount of anxiety when it comes to the dentist, like most people. The whole staff was super friendly, attentive and great all around. Lindsey was my dental hygienist today, she was sooo great. She was very nice and is amazing at her job. My check up and cleaning was easy, didn't hurt at all! Dr. Fritz was very nice. I hadn't been to a dentist for about 3-4 years because the last place visited was a horrible experience. I'm sooo happy I chose to come to this office and even happier the whole experience was great. Definitely recommending this office to everyone!"
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