Where to find effective laser gum infection treatments near me in the Mesa community

Gum Infection Treatments Near Me in Mesa

Millions of patients in the United States are affected by gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) each year. This condition requires patients to get effective gum infection treatment as soon as possible to keep the problem under control and avoid the development of the further stages-which can wreak havoc on the gum tissue, bone, and even the natural teeth. When patients come to the practice of New Health Dental with an earlier stage of gum disease, effective treatment can be used to reverse the condition and help patients manage it over the course of their lifetime.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental encourages patients to contact his practice as he offers laser gum infection treatments known as LANAP. LANAP stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. This particular method of treating gum disease is a wonderful alternative to the traditional scaling and root planing procedure completed by a conventional dental team addressing inflammation and infection. By using a laser, patients can have more severe stages of gum disease treated with less discomfort, bleeding, and shorter recovery and healing times.

Traditional methods of addressing gum disease, including scaling and root planing, can be rather invasive. Thanks to the LANAP procedure for gum infection treatment, patients can enjoy faster treatment and less invasive services. Patients can treat the gum disease to reduce any further problems caused by the inflammation.

If you are in the Mesa area and have been searching for a dentist “near me” who provides effective gum infection treatments, now is the time to contact New Health Dental and book an appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz to find out more about the advantages of LANAP laser-assisted treatment. This is a wonderful way of addressing unwanted problems associated with gum disease and help in reducing the likelihood of oral systemic conditions forming including the increased risk of strokes, diabetes, and even heart disease. Patients need to start taking great care of their oral health to avid the development of many medical conditions that affect not only their mouth, but their entire body.