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Cavities present a problem for people of all ages. This damage to natural tooth material occurs as the result of acidic bacterial byproduct and can lead to a great deal of discomfort if not treated right away. One of the goals of repairing cavities is to eliminate pain and sensitivity. Past this immediate benefit, repairing a cavity in a tooth is also beneficial for long term functionality and strength.

For more than a century, the primary material used for dental fillings has been amalgam. We know through research, however, that the mercury content in dental amalgam is dangerous to health and wellbeing. As a dedicated holistic dentist, Dr. Fritz favors the use of porcelain for dental fillings over amalgam for several reasons.
One of the biggest benefits of porcelain is its similarity to tooth enamel, not only in appearance but also in the way that these materials expand and contract. This is important because how a filling moves within natural tooth structure will impact its longevity. For instance, amalgam fillings are based on metal, which expands and contracts at a rate dissimilar to natural enamel. Many adults require further restoration of teeth that have been damaged by these metallic fillings. An additional benefit of porcelain fillings is that these restorations are bonded to the tooth rather than retained mechanically, like amalgam fillings. This means tighter margins and the preservation of more natural tooth material.
Dr. Fritz has been designing beautiful porcelain fillings for decades. His expertise and familiarity with this material leads to outstanding, long lasting restoration of beauty and function. Understanding the fragile nature of porcelain, Dr. Fritz crafts thicker fillings that will hold up to the rigors of biting and chewing for many years.

Stain-resistant porcelain restorations look just like natural teeth and will last many years. To restore damaged teeth in a friendly, attractive way, receive dental care in our Mesa, Arizona practice.
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"I visited the doctor twice. His work is meticulous, very trained hands - the critical need for a born dentist. I am very impressed with how he works on the teeth, making it as easy as he can. He adopts the latest technologies as far as I can see. I went to him based on other reviews and I am very glad I did. Dr. Fritz is highly recommended for anyone, who is looking for a very experienced hand and open minded doctor, who listens and attends to patients need. Thank you Dr. Fritz"
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