Dentist in Gilbert reviews the need for dental veneers

Reviews for Dental Veneers

Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental provide patients in and around the Gilbert area with a wide range of preventative, general, and cosmetic dentistry services to new and existing patients. When individuals are ready to address imperfections within their smile, their dentist may review solutions such as dental veneers.

Dental veneers, which are also referred to as porcelain veneers, are ceramic restorations that are made to cover the front of a natural tooth and change its appearance. Dr. Edward Fritz reviews with his patients the situations in which dental veneers may dramatically improve the smile. Veneers can:

  • Disguise small spaces in-between two teeth near the front of the mouth.
  • Cover areas of breakage including cracks and chips.
  • Mask teeth that are unusually shaped and may detract from the natural beauty of the smile.
  • Conceal single teeth that are misaligned to avoid the need for full orthodontics
  • Camouflage teeth that may be unresponsive to traditional teeth bleaching solutions.

To place porcelain veneers, patients have to have their natural teeth prepared. This often requires the removal of a very thin portion of enamel. This ensures that the thin veneer can be bonded into place without adding extra bulk and can help maintain the natural beauty of the smile. Patients will have impressions taken of their prepared teeth which are used to help the ceramist fabricate the veneers, and then temporaries are placed until the final restorations are completed and bonded over the teeth.

If you live in or around the Gilbert community and have considered visiting with a dentist who provides a large selection of treatments for enhancing the beauty and health of the natural smile, contact Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental to book a consultation visit. He works with new and current patients in developing appropriate treatment plans to improve the health and appearance of their smiles in ways that meet their needs and budgets. He also works with many of the main dental health insurance providers to make many restorations affordable for even the tightest of budgets.


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