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One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. For many, this treatment can produce dramatic improvement to the smile, making one appear years younger. For years, professional teeth whitening was completed as an at-home treatment using high grade products. While still used today, at-home teeth whitening is only one way we can enhance the smiles of our patients.

The take home kits available at New Health Dental include power whitening agent carbamide peroxide, which is safe and effective. More comfortable than the molds used in the past, the trèswhite at-home whitening kit does not require impressions, but includes pliable gel trays that are fully moldable right at home. With this teeth whitening method, the patient wears the trays for an hour or two a day for a period of one to two weeks. Within a few days, results will be noticeable. After the treatment regimen is completed, the smile will look dazzling and healthy.
Many patients choose at-home whitening for its convenience and affordability. However, there are instances when the smile needs immediate enhancement, perhaps for a special occasion or an important meeting - or simply because when you want an improved smile and you do not wish to wait. Whatever your reason, Dr. Fritz also performs in-office teeth whitening using the Sapphire whitening method to remove stubborn stains that may result from age, food, or prescription medication.
Sapphire teeth whitening is unique, and is ideal for patients who prefer a more holistic approach because this treatment does not include the use of UV light to activate whitening agents. During an in-office whitening treatment, specially formulated gel containing 35% hydrogen peroxide is carefully applied to each tooth. After all teeth have been coated, the Sapphire Plasma Arc light is applied, breaking down the peroxide in the gel, forming tiny oxygen bubbles that work to lift deep stains. Also included in the whitening gel is a desensitizing agent, which decreases the risk of sensitive teeth following the whitening procedure.
Every patient is different and achieves results unique to him or herself. Initially, teeth will appear dramatically whitened due to the dehydration that occurs during treatment. As teeth become hydrated by saliva, the patient will more clearly see the results that have been achieved with Sapphire teeth whitening.

Brilliant white teeth are a sign of health and vitality. Don't let dull, yellow teeth impact your personal image and self-esteem. Contact us to create your best smile with Sapphire whitening.
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What our patients say about Teeth Whitening Treatment

"My whole family has been seeing Dr. Fritz for a very long time. The care is the best. They put you at ease, if you are a wimp like me, making sure you do not experience any pain for any dental work done. Beware of other companies trying to sell you on dental work you don't need. Dr. Fritz is the most honest dentist who will never make you feel bad and never, ever require you to get dental work done you don't need. He is always current and learning new things about the dental industry so you can be sure he is not stuck in 1970 pulling teeth that can be saved. He cares about each and every one of his customers. There is no one else I'd refer anyone to. "
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