What is the best teeth whitening treatment for Mesa area patients?

It may be tempting for patients to consider over-the-counter whitening solutions for their smile. Teeth whitening treatments are readily available in local drug stores and department stores. However, most patients are confused at the many varieties available, strips, toothpastes, mouthwashes, trays, and gels. Unfortunately, many of these products do not provide noticeable results, or can only do so after an extended time. In addition, some patients may experience sensitivity due to using these products. Instead, patients are encouraged to maintain a beautiful, dazzling smile by visiting Dr. Fritz of New Health Dental in the Mesa area for the best teeth whitening treatment.

Dr. Fritz and his team provide two primary methods of whitening. The first is our in-office one hour whitening treatment. Other dental offices use a system called Zoom, but because of the use of UV light, Dr. Fritz does not believe this method is safe. Instead, he utilizes the Sapphire system with the plasma arc light. This light is used to activate the whitening gel on the teeth to provide a whiter smile in just 60 minutes. Patients relax while the treatment is done and they leave the office with a dazzling smile!

The alternative to our in-office treatment is our take-home kit. Dr. Fritz uses impressions of the dental arch to fabricate special trays. These trays are used along with teeth whitening gel that is applied to the inside and worn on the teeth for a specific period. The whitening gel is much stronger and more effective than anything available over-the-counter, as it is a professional-grade treatment available only to dental practices.

The best teeth whitening treatment will depend upon the needs of patients and the budget available. Take-home whitening kits are more economical but take longer to provide results. Patients interested in teeth whitening treatments that work are welcome to contact the team of New Dental Health today to schedule a consultation visit and initial examination. Our holistic dental practice is focused on both safe and effective solutions for improving the health and appearance of the smile.

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