Effective treatment for patients in the Mesa area with stained teeth

An unattractive smile can cause Mesa area patients to lose confidence in the way they look and feel. This is the perfect time for patients in the community to consider rejuvenating their smile with procedures available at their local dental facilities. Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental work closely with patients in the area to help them find an effective treatment for stained teeth.

Stained teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. Typically, they are caused by the foods and beverages patients enjoy every day. This may include red wine, coffee, tea, and other richly colored foods and beverages. Dr. Edward Fritz is a holistic dentist in the area of Mesa who understands how stained teeth can develop and works to provide effective solutions such as professional teeth whitening.

Many patients who are introduced to teeth whitening may be aware of the products available over-the-counter. However, many of these are not nearly as strong or effective as anything available in a dental office. Professional-grade whitening products are worth every penny, and in some cases, can provide same-day results.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa is excited to offer two methods of whitening to restore a brighter smile including our in-office treatment and our take-home trays. Take-home trays are custom-made using impressions of the upper and lower dental arch to create plastic pieces that slip over the dental arch and are used with specialized gels. Worn every day for a specific period, patients will be able to enjoy a gradual improvement over the course of several weeks.

In-office power bleaching, however, works quickly in just one appointment. We use the Sapphire system with plasma arc light after providing patients with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums before treatment. Dr. Edward Fritz does this to remove any plaque, bacteria, or tartar that may be present on the surfaces of the gums and teeth to ensure the whitening agents are able to lift stains and discoloration easily. This helps in providing even better results, and it is even performed before patients use their take-home whitening trays.

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