Mesa area dentist describes Sapphire teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has increased in popularity over the years as patients in the Mesa area have realized how affordable and easy it is to rejuvenate a dull and discolored smile. Patients who want to enjoy the benefits of professional-grade teeth whitening products will skip the over-the-counter solutions and go straight to the dentist they know and trust with their smiles: Dr. Edward Fritz.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental is a holistic dentist who focuses on providing quality care and understands the mouth-body connection. His biological dental practice uses a safe yet effective method of teeth whitening, the Sapphire system. This bleaching system is done in-office for immediate enhancement of the natural smile, targeting difficult stains and permanent discoloration that may cause patients’ smiles to look aged and not nearly as healthy as they would prefer. This is why Dr. Edward Fritz has invested in the Sapphire teeth whitening solution to offer patients an affordable and effective way of brightening their smiles.

Sapphire teeth whitening is a 35% hydrogen peroxide treatment that is applied to the tooth via a gel formula and it is then activated using the Sapphire Plasma Arc light. Patients often choose this treatment because it not only whitens quickly and in an amazing manner, but it also includes a desensitizing agent which addresses sensitivity often associated with traditional in-office whitening treatments. The Sapphire teeth whitening treatment is much more reliable and Dr. Edward Fritz understands the benefits it provides for even the most sensitive of teeth.

Sapphire teeth whitening can address common food and drink stains, as well as deep, permanent stains such as tetracycline and other discoloration resulting as a side effect of specific medications. Before whitening can begin, patients will have their teeth cleaned to remove all bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

If you reside in the Gilbert community or surrounding areas and are interested in learning more about Sapphire teeth whitening, contact New Health Dental today to schedule an appointment. Patients can educate themselves on the advantages of in-office treatment versus over-the-counter whitening products and can enjoy a dramatic effect in just one visit to Dr. Edward Fritz and his biological dental team.

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