Gilbert area dentist describes teeth whitening

There are many reasons patients in the Gilbert area may be dealing with stained teeth. Smoking, drinking beverages such as red wine and coffee, and eating certain foods can result in discoloration of the tooth enamel. Teeth whitening, also referred to as bleaching, is a safe method of whitening the natural tooth enamel to brighten the smile. This is one of the fastest, most affordable methods of enhancing the smile available.

Dr. Fritz of New Health Dental offers two methods of whitening. The first method is the take-home whitening kit. This is often the best method as it is done gradually over the course of time and it provides natural results. Many patients who have issues with sensitivity due to whitening may experience less of an issue with these trays. Unlike over-the-counter whitening treatments, these whitening trays are custom made for patients using impressions of their dental arches. Patients take the professional-grade whitening gel and use it inside of the trays, which are worn for a specific period.

Patients in the area interested in a faster method may ask about our Sapphire service. This in-office procedure can dramatically whiten the teeth in just one appointment. Patients who want to rejuvenate their smile quickly for an upcoming special event may request this procedure.

Both methods of whitening are effective, affordable, and safe. At New Health Dental, we believe in only providing treatments that deliver results while maintaining the natural health of the smile. We only use professionally approved materials and treatments that provide patients with ways to rejuvenate their smile and feel confident in the way they look and feel.

Dr. Fritz of New Health Dental helps new and existing patients with their cosmetic and general dentistry concerns and is here to provide assistance for those who are ready to take charge of the health and appearance of their smiles. If you live in the Gilbert area and you have considered a quality dental team, look no further than New Health Dental.

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