Mesa patients discover the best teeth whitening without the sensitivity and risks of other popular options

In a 2015 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, dentists identified whitening, bonding, and veneers (in that order) as their most sought-after cosmetic procedures. These treatments are linked by their ability to achieve or restore a whiter smile.

Studies have found that a whiter smile is associated with youthful attractiveness and success. Kelton Research found survey respondents perceived those with beautiful, stain-free smiles as more trustworthy and intelligent than their counterparts with less attractive smiles.

While no other cosmetic procedures are as popular as whitening, not all techniques and products are created equal. You have made a step in the right direction by considering professional treatments to brighten your teeth. In a controlled environment that uses products hand-picked by the dentists who know best, you are assured a comfortable experience that achieves the desired, natural result without the damage and sensitivity associated with store-bought products.

The best teeth whitening services in Mesa provide many options to fit unique needs, lifestyles, and goals for treatment. The best services are those that produce results without unwanted side effects, such as irritation to gum tissues. As a holistic dentist with alternatives for both at-home and in-office professional whitening, you get a whitening solution customized to your personalized needs and wants, with ingredients powerful enough to make a difference in your appearance yet safe enough to maintain not only oral health but also overall health.

Whiten from the comfort of your home

After consulting with you and examining your teeth to assure there are no health issues that need resolution prior to treatment, Dr. Fritz may suggest the Opalescence Trèswhite Whitening System. Only available through licensed dental professionals, the carbamide peroxide whitening agent is delivered via dental appliances or trays molded to your teeth. By wearing these trays for a few hours daily over several weeks, you can achieve your desired shade. Results are gradual, but can be noticeable within a couple of days after starting the treatment.

A dramatically whiter smile in an hour

If you want a brighter smile quickly, chairside whitening may be right for you. Dr. Fritz combines a plasma arc light, the Sapphire Supreme, with a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide to achieve an 86 percent whiter smile than with just the whitening gel alone. After the teeth have been coated with this special formulation, the light will be applied to activate the break-down of the whitening peroxide. As peroxide breaks down, oxygen bubbles form that sink into microscopic pores to clean out and lift stains.

You can get up to a 7-shade change in the color of your teeth in about 30 minutes, and up to a 12-shade change within an hour. The professional whitening system is also specially-made to eliminate sensitivity, a common complaint with other whitening systems. The system may lift notoriously stubborn stains caused by antibiotics that otherwise would need to be covered with veneers.

Unlike other chairside systems, the process does not use ultraviolet light. UV light-enhanced whitening has been linked in studies to damage to the gums, skin, and eyes.

To find out more about your options for safe yet effective whitening, call (480) 830-3305 to schedule an appointment.