Gilbert area dentist describes laser periodontal therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy Gilbert

Periodontal disease is a condition that affects millions of Americans—though many are unaware that the problem is developing. This disease starts as gingivitis. Gingivitis is the initial stage during which the inflammation begins with infection, red gum tissue, and bleeding while brushing and flossing. At the first sign of gingivitis, patients in the Gilbert area are encouraged to seek the assistance of a quality dentist for care, as this stage can be easily reversed with periodontal therapy. However, as the condition advances, it can become detrimental to the health and wellness of the smile and can have a devastating effect on both the teeth and the body. Patients who are experiencing gum disease are encouraged to visit Dr. Edward Fritz who provides laser periodontal therapy.

Laser periodontal therapy is highly encouraged for patients because of the many benefits it provides. Unlike traditional periodontal therapy, which requires cutting of the gum tissue, laser periodontal therapy works a little differently. Known as LANAP, this FDA-approved procedure can target areas of bacteria and help eradicate infection without cutting or stitching the gum tissue. In addition, laser treatment is much more precise and eliminates the need for extensive healing time afterwards. This advancement in dental care allows patients to enjoy reduced sensitivity and anxiety often associated with periodontal procedures, making it a more desirable solution when problems exist.

Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental are here to provide a number of biocompatible procedures that are developed to help restore health and wellness to the smile and body in a holistic manner. If you reside in the areas of Mesa, Gilbert, or Phoenix and believe laser periodontal therapy is appropriate for your needs, contact our team today to schedule a consultation visit and dental examination. We can assist you in improving the health of the teeth, gums, and bone with treatment specifically suited for periodontal concerns such as gum disease.