Dentist near me in the Mesa area who offers Periolase treatment

Periolase Treatment near me in Mesa

When patients have gum disease, they may feel as though extensive, invasive treatments are the only way to achieve a healthier smile. With continued technological advances in dentistry, patients are now able to find effective treatment for periodontal disease with lasers. This treatment, known as “Periolase,” is both effective and less invasive than traditional scaling and root planing.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa encourages patients with periodontal disease to learn more about Periolase treatment. Instead of dealing with special dental instruments, patients can enjoy treatment with laser therapy. Laser light is used to target bacteria in the smile and address the cause of the disease, while reducing the amount of bleeding and ensuring more comfort throughout the procedure. Periolase has been used for several years at New Health Dental with positive results, and many patients are at ease during their treatments because they are less invasive. This LANAP procedure is approved by the FDA and has been used to assist patients in eliminating bacteria in the smile while also improving oral health and wellness. While periodontal disease (also referred to as gum disease) is not curable, it can be controlled with the help of a dedicated dental professional such as Dr. Edward Fritz.

Periodontal disease can be a serious problem for patients. This condition is known for causing the loss of gum tissue, bone, and even natural teeth. When patients are diagnosed with gum disease, they can speak with a dental professional about the methods of treatment available. Periolase is commonly suggested because it is effective yet comfortable. It is safe and can assist in targeting the bacteria causing the condition.

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