Mesa area dentist reviews the reasons for laser gum surgery

Treatment Cost of Laser Periodontal Therapy Mesa

At New Health Dental, we focus on providing some of the latest technologies to improve patient comfort and experience. For those who need gum surgery or treatments for periodontal disease, we use laser technology for a better overall treatment.

Laser technology allows individuals to avoid the traditional treatment that is completed which can be more invasive and require longer healing times. Instead, by using the LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), patients do not have to deal with the traditional cutting and bleeding that is often associated with soft tissue procedures. Because of this, laser gum surgery is highly desirable for many Mesa area patients.

Laser gum surgery is often done for one of two reasons. First, it may be used for treating periodontal disease. This can leave bacterial infections on the tissues that need to be treated to bring the smile back to health. While periodontal disease is not curable, it can be controlled, and this is where laser therapies may be suggested. Laser gum surgery may also be completed for cosmetic gum contouring. There are times in which the gum line may be too low and can cause teeth to look small and short. By cutting back the gum line, more of the teeth can be exposed and patients may have a healthier, more attractive looking smile.

Dr. Edward Fritz reviews with patients the reasons for laser gum surgery and how it can help them improve the health and aesthetics of their smiles. At New Health Dental, we utilize some of the latest, most modern technologies for comprehensive dental care. Our state-of-the-art practice can help individuals in completing holistic services for improved health and wellness of the smile and body. We recommend that patients take the time to learn about our laser treatments and how they can be a welcome change from conventional dental services. Many patients prefer these less invasive options to scaling and root planning or gum contouring with traditional scalpels.

If you live in the Mesa community and are interested in learning more about laser gum surgery options. contact New Health Dental today.