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Dentist in Mesa, AZ answers the common patient question, “What are porcelain tooth fillings?”

What Are Porcelain Fillings in Mesa area

At New Health Dental, we are here to achieve healthy, happy smiles! We want patients to feel comfortable with our team of professionals, and Dr. Edward Fritz ensures patients have access to the services they need in our facility. Whether patients are seeking general, cosmetic, or restorative care, we are available to assist. We also ensure that patients in the Mesa, AZ community have access to the services they need to improve their smile, such as porcelain tooth fillings. What are porcelain tooth fillings? When patients do not brush or floss as regularly as necessary for good oral hygiene, they … Continue reading

Advantages of Mercury Free Fillings in Mesa

Tooth decay is one of the most common issues that cause a patient to seek dental care. Early cavity care is essential to ensure the cavity does not reach the root and cause a deeper problem. It is important you call New Health Dental right away at the earliest signs of decay. Avoiding a trip to the dentist can eventually lead to nerve damage and even tooth loss which will require restorative treatment. Dr. Fritz offers porcelain tooth fillings to his patients in Mesa. The mercury free alternative allows patients the comfort of a non-toxic filling along with a natural … Continue reading

Why porcelain fillings are advantageous over silver amalgam fillings for Mesa residents

With the many advances in dental technology, dentists have several options available to them when addressing dental cavities. Dr. Fritz, of New Health Dental, provides holistic dental care to those with tooth decay and does not place silver amalgam fillings. Instead, he uses porcelain fillings. Silver amalgam was used in the past due to its strength and durability. Over time, it was discovered that other materials were just as strong and provided aesthetic benefits. Porcelain fillings are made to match the color of a patient’s tooth to provide seamless integration into his or her smile. Silver amalgam contains mercury, along … Continue reading

The benefits of mercury free fillings Mesa

“Don’t put that in your mouth!” This is something parents tell young children when they start to chew on something covered in germs, or worse yet, is dangerous. As they grow up, they learn to differentiate what is safe to eat for themselves. They know that if a piece of pizza lands on the floor it needs to go in the garbage. If the pizza had mercury as a topping, they would know that it was not safe to eat. The question is why do people put mercury fillings in their mouths? “Silver” or amalgam fillings These are most commonly … Continue reading

What are porcelain fillings in Mesa?

Porcelain fillings, also referred to as porcelain inlays, are used to protect and strengthen the natural teeth. They are made from ceramic for beauty and durability. Fillings are placed when patients have experienced areas of tooth decay within a tooth and need to restore the structure. Patients in the Mesa area are welcome to contact the team at New Health Dental to determine if inlays are best for them. Porcelain fillings are made in a dental laboratory with specific instructions from the dentist, including final shape and color. A ceramist uses impressions of the teeth to make these inlays as … Continue reading

What is the estimated cost of placing mercury free fillings in Mesa area dental practices?

At the practice of New Health Dental, we focus on providing holistic and biocompatible services for patients in and around the Mesa area, including Gilbert and Phoenix. Dr. Edward Fritz focuses on providing mercury free options to his patients. He understands the problems that can occur when mercury is used in the smile. Mercury is used to fabricate silver amalgam fillings, which have been used for decades for repairing areas of decay. However, studies have shown that there are negative effects of using silver amalgam because of the 50 percent mercury content. Mercury is a toxic substance that can be … Continue reading

Mesa area dentist describes the advantages of porcelain tooth fillings

When tooth decay occurs, it is important for patients to seek effective treatment with fillings. Fillings are used to seal the area and keep tooth decay from advancing, while also keeping bacteria from reaching inside the tooth, which can result in further infection. For many patients, fillings can bring their smile back to health. However, most dentists in the Mesa area use silver amalgam fillings, which are not biocompatible with the body. They can contract and expand with temperature changes, leaking bacteria into the tooth, and they can leave patients at a higher risk for mercury toxicity. Instead, Dr. Edward … Continue reading

What are the best tooth fillings near me in the Mesa area?

When it comes to dental health, patients need to consider preventative care. Patients with areas of decay need to address them appropriately before the cavities become larger and more damaging to the natural tooth structure. Large cavities can also infect the dental pulp within the tooth. The dental pulp is the mass of tissues within a tooth that protects the blood supply and nerves. When infected, the dental pulp will need to be removed during root canal therapy—or the entire tooth may need to be permanently extracted to alleviate the sensitivity and discomfort associated with infection. Instead, patients in the … Continue reading

Where can I find a safe dental cavity filling near me in the Mesa area?

Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental provide area patients with a myriad of dental solutions. A common procedure done in our practice is that of fillings. When cavities occur, it is important for patients to speak to a dentist about having the treated with a cavity filling. Fillings are used to seal off the area of decay and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth. It also keeps the decay from spreading. In the past, the most common dental cavity filling was that of silver amalgam. Silver amalgam is a metal filling that is comprised of approximately … Continue reading

Safe treatment option for cavities in a tooth for Gilbert area patients

Gilbert area residents who are faced with a cavity are often concerned about the treatment for their tooth. They may wonder if what the dentist is placing into their smile is safe and can keep their tooth from becoming infected later on. This is when Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental will make suggestions based on scientific evidence that certain fillings are hazardous to one’s health. Over the years, many dentists in the community have used what are known as silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings can negatively affect not only the mouth but the entire body. This is … Continue reading