Safe treatment option for cavities in a tooth for Gilbert area patients

Gilbert area residents who are faced with a cavity are often concerned about the treatment for their tooth. They may wonder if what the dentist is placing into their smile is safe and can keep their tooth from becoming infected later on. This is when Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental will make suggestions based on scientific evidence that certain fillings are hazardous to one’s health.

Over the years, many dentists in the community have used what are known as silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings can negatively affect not only the mouth but the entire body. This is because they are made with mercury, a substance that is toxic to humans. Dr. Edward Fritz and his team avoid the use of silver amalgam fillings because of the dangers they are shown to cause. Instead, he offers another treatment for cavities – porcelain tooth fillings.

Porcelain tooth fillings are a great alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings created with 50 percent mercury. Dr. Edward Fritz utilizes porcelain because not only is it a strong and beautiful material, but it is safe to use within the mouth. It has an aesthetic benefit, blending in beautifully with the structure of a natural tooth, and it provides strength and durability that allows it to last many years with minimal problems.

Another solution for teeth with cavities is composite resin fillings. Composite resin is a material that can be applied to the area of decay, hardened with a special light, and polished. These resin fillings are a popular choice for patients who want an aesthetic yet safe way to achieve a more beautiful smile after cavities have developed.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental encourages patients to consider the benefits these restorations can provide when cavities occur. This is why he offers them in his holistic practice for individuals ready to take charge of their smiles. If you have areas of tooth decay, or if cavities have been found in your smile, speak to Dr. Edward Fritz about the ways in which porcelain fillings can be used to address them.

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