Mesa area dentist describes the advantages of porcelain tooth fillings

When tooth decay occurs, it is important for patients to seek effective treatment with fillings. Fillings are used to seal the area and keep tooth decay from advancing, while also keeping bacteria from reaching inside the tooth, which can result in further infection. For many patients, fillings can bring their smile back to health. However, most dentists in the Mesa area use silver amalgam fillings, which are not biocompatible with the body. They can contract and expand with temperature changes, leaking bacteria into the tooth, and they can leave patients at a higher risk for mercury toxicity. Instead, Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental uses porcelain tooth fillings.

Porcelain tooth fillings are biocompatible, beautiful, and fully functional. Dr. Edward Fritz will discuss with his patients the advantages of placing porcelain tooth fillings rather than silver amalgam fillings or even composite resin fillings. These fillings are strong, beautiful, and function the best, helping patients maintain healthy smiles.
Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in the Mesa area uses porcelain for many common restorations in his practice. Porcelain is a material often used in dentistry because it replicates natural tooth enamel, is strong and durable enough to last many years without breaking, and is stain resistant. Porcelain is also an affordable material that can be easily matched in color and shape for cosmetic treatments such as veneers, bridges, and crowns.

Patients in the Mesa community and surrounding areas who are interested in learning more about the advantages of porcelain tooth fillings are invited to contact New Health Dental today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz and his dental team. Our professionals can speak with patients about the benefits of using porcelain over composite resin and silver amalgam fillings and can educate individuals on how biocompatible this treatment can be for better health of the smile and body. Our team welcomes new and current patients who want to improve the wellness and beauty of their smile while taking into account their overall medical health with holistic and biocompatible dentistry.

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