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Cosmetic dentist in Gilbert area offers the best mercury-free filling option

Dr. Edward Fritz is a cosmetic dentist in the Gilbert area at New Health Dental. He has committed his life to helping others achieve and maintain healthy smiles. For patients who have been faced with tooth decay (also known as cavities), replacing the structure of the tooth and protecting it from further issues is a concern. Dr. Edward Fritz is well aware that many dentists in the community still offer silver amalgam fillings. These metal fillings contain a high amount of mercury, a toxic substance, which can emit vapors into the mouth and into the bloodstream, resulting in the risk … Continue reading

Mesa, AZ dentist is removing mercury amalgam fillings safely

Dental amalgam is the silver-colored material made from mercury, silver, tin, and copper and used mostly in back teeth to fill cavities. Amalgam is fairly inexpensive and durable and has been widely used as filling material for more than one hundred years. There are disadvantages; the amalgam dramatically expands and contracts with temperature changes, possibly leading to cracking and fracturing of the tooth. It is also not aesthetically pleasing, and will often stain the tooth a grayish color. In order for the dentist to use the amalgam, a large portion of the tooth structure needs to be removed. Perhaps the … Continue reading