Cosmetic dentist in Gilbert area offers the best mercury-free filling option

Dr. Edward Fritz is a cosmetic dentist in the Gilbert area at New Health Dental. He has committed his life to helping others achieve and maintain healthy smiles. For patients who have been faced with tooth decay (also known as cavities), replacing the structure of the tooth and protecting it from further issues is a concern. Dr. Edward Fritz is well aware that many dentists in the community still offer silver amalgam fillings. These metal fillings contain a high amount of mercury, a toxic substance, which can emit vapors into the mouth and into the bloodstream, resulting in the risk for many medical issues throughout the body. This is due to the oral systemic connection, and many professionals who deal with biological and holistic dentistry understand the dramatic, negative impact mercury can have on the body. Instead, our practice focuses on the best mercury-free filling option known as composite resin.

Composite resin has been used for many years to repair chips and cracks within teeth. This clay-like material is applied to prepared teeth, hardened, and polished to appear as natural tooth enamel. It can last many years with proper care. This same material is now being used to replace silver amalgam fillings for two reasons: it is safer and it is more aesthetic. Composite resin matches the appearance of the teeth and allows patients to feel confident about the way they look when they smile – even when tooth decay has been an issue.

Composite resin is the best alternative to metal fillings and is the only type of filling available at New Health Dental. Patients with cavities are welcome to contact our practice to learn about the advantages of composite resin fillings and learn about how silver amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced in a safe, controlled environment. At New Health Dental, our focus is on our patients and their overall health and wellbeing, and we look out for those who are interested in enhancing their quality of life with biological dentistry.

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