Why porcelain fillings are advantageous over silver amalgam fillings for Mesa residents

With the many advances in dental technology, dentists have several options available to them when addressing dental cavities. Dr. Fritz, of New Health Dental, provides holistic dental care to those with tooth decay and does not place silver amalgam fillings. Instead, he uses porcelain fillings.

Silver amalgam was used in the past due to its strength and durability. Over time, it was discovered that other materials were just as strong and provided aesthetic benefits. Porcelain fillings are made to match the color of a patient’s tooth to provide seamless integration into his or her smile.

Silver amalgam contains mercury, along with other metals. Mercury vapors are harmful, and can cause mercury toxicity. Vapors are released when silver amalgam is heated, typically during placement and removal of the filling. It is believed that chewing food can also cause heat due to friction, releasing vapors into the mouth. This is harmful to the human body. Other materials were found to be much more biocompatible. Porcelain fillings are safe, durable, beautiful, and provide the same benefits of filling and sealing a tooth after decay.

When patients visit New Health Dental for the treatment of cavities, Dr. Fritz, and his team, provide beautiful, healthy cosmetic porcelain fillings. Silver amalgam is a risk to both patient and dental team during placement and removal; it places everyone at risk for mercury toxicity. Porcelain fillings are the perfect alternative, as fillings are necessary to help maintain the structure of the natural tooth so it can function properly. Fillings can also stop the decay from going deeper into the tooth and affecting the dental pulp, which may then require root canal therapy if it becomes infected or diseased. This can be avoided by addressing the cavity as soon as it is detected.

Patients in the Mesa and Phoenix area considering quality, holistic dentistry should look no further than the team at New Health Dental. Call our practice today to schedule a consultation appointment and examination to learn how dental health carries into the overall health and wellbeing of the entire body.