Mesa area patients ask about the cost of dentures

Cost of Dentures Mesa

Dr. Edward Fritz is a quality dentist in the Mesa area who provides a wide selection of restorative procedures, including dentures. Dentures can be an economical solution for patients who want to restore the function and beauty of their smiles in a manner that best fits their lifestyle. There are two types of dentures available to patients, partial dentures and full dentures.

Many patients who consider dentures are often concerned about the cost. It can be difficult to give an overall quote for dentures without understanding the many factors that directly affect the cost of dentures:

Materials used

Many different materials are used to create dentures, including acrylics and metals. The fabrication of dentures may vary depending on the laboratory and the needs of the patient. Various types of dentures are available that vary in cost due to the materials utilized.

Personalized look and appearance

Patients who want to enjoy a custom appearance of their dentures may end up spending more on the final product. In order to make the dentures look more natural, different materials may need to be used, which can increase the cost.

Associated procedures

Many times, there are procedures that must be done before the placement of dentures. This may include the extraction of natural teeth, bone grafting, or surgery for placing dental implants. These would add to the overall cost of dentures.

Insurance coverage

In some cases, patients may be able to get coverage through their dental insurance for the cost of their dentures. Patients who have dental insurance can discuss with their dentist the possibility of having a portion of their procedure covered. This may reduce the out-of-pocket expenses.

To obtain an accurate price quote for the cost of dentures, patients in the Mesa area are encouraged to contact New Health Dental and schedule an examination and consultation visit with Dr. Fritz. He can help patients determine whether or not dentures are the most appropriate solution and if they are an affordable alternative to other treatments such as bridges and dental implants.