Where to find complete dentures near me in Gilbert

Complete Dentures near Me in Gilbert

Patients faced with disease and decay of their smile due to poor oral health care may have to consider options for repairing their teeth to ensure proper function and efficiency for eating and speaking. These patients may also want to ensure they have an aesthetic restoration to help them feel confident when they smile, laugh, and converse with others. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in the Gilbert area offers restorative services for those interested in rejuvenating their smile after natural loss or extraction of their adult teeth. For some, this may include complete dentures.

Complete dentures, also referred to as full dentures, are dentures that are used to replace all the teeth within the dental arch, top and/or bottom. These use not only false teeth but false gum tissue that help cover the current tissue for better aesthetic integration. Patients will find that these dentures fully restore their smile and can be more beautiful than they may have initially imagined. This is because, over the years, dentistry continues to advance in techniques and materials and allows patients to achieve a more natural look with their dental restorations never thought possible in the past.

Complete dentures made at New Health Dental in the Gilbert area provide patients with a strong, effective, and natural restoration that can help them achieve better chewing and speaking efficiency they may have lost during the initial removal of their natural teeth. Being able to chew food and speak clearly is essential, so repairing the smile with complete dentures is a wonderful way to bring back confidence and better self-esteem.

Dentures can be maintained in place in a variety of ways. Some patients may be able to enjoy the natural suction achieved when placed over the gum line, while others may want to consider the use of dental adhesives. Another solution is that of implant-supported dentures which use dental implants to stabilize them.

If you have been searching for a dentist offering complete dentures “near me” and reside in or around the Gilbert area, contact Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental today. He welcomes new patients to his practice and encourages individuals to start taking charge of their oral health and wellness.