Why Mesa patient should consider quality dentures instead of “cheap” dentures

Cheap Dentures Mesa

Replacing missing teeth is necessary to restore aesthetics of the smile as well as function. Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental in the Mesa area encourages patients to come to his practice to learn about the restorative solutions available to help in repairing the smile after it has been affected by concerns such as tooth loss.

It is common for patients to ask their dentist about the most inexpensive way to replace their teeth. For many, this is using dentures. However, “cheap” dentures can end up costing much more in the end. Dentures that are not fabricated from strong, quality materials are more likely to fit poorly, causing discomfort. “Cheap” dentures have a higher probability of breaking and requiring replacement than the quality restorations available at New Health Dental.

Dr. Edward Fritz believes in the use of quality materials while still allowing dentures to be affordable for this patients. Cost is important, and patients who spend much less on their dentures will “get what they pay for.” Our practice wants to provide patients with quality dentures that are affordable but without cutting corners. We provide both full and partial dentures to patients in the area who need to replace one or more teeth within their smile in a beautiful, effective manner. We encourage patients to learn about what makes our dentures strong and effective, and we can work with insurance companies to ensure patients get as much coverage as possible for their new prosthetics. We also help patients with the out-of-pocket cost remaining with financial solutions and payment plans that can assist in making dentures and other restorative solutions more affordable for all budgets.

If you are ready to restore your smile in an affordable manner with quality restorations, contact Dr. Edward Fritz and the dental team of New Health Dental in Mesa. We can discuss all solutions available through our practice to help you make an educated decision regarding the repair of your smile after tooth loss or extraction.