Mesa area residents ask about the cost of partial dentures

Cost of Partial Dentures Mesa

Partial dentures are a restorative solution considered by patients who are missing one or more teeth within a dental arch. This method of restoration allows Mesa area patients to repair the smile after tooth loss in an economical manner. Partial dentures are known for being much more affordable than alternative solutions including dental bridges and dental implants and are removable for easy care and cleaning. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental can work with patients and help them determine if partial dentures are right for them.

A consultation appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz to undergo an initial examination is the best way to start the process. Patients can find out if they are appropriate candidates for this manner of repair and if it is best for their budget. Many patients ask about the cost of a partial denture and ask whether it is affordable.

Cost of partial dentures can vary greatly depending on the materials used, the number of teeth being replaced, and the dental practice. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental uses some of the best materials to ensure quality work. He wants to make sure partial dentures look their best and function properly. While dentures are often the least expensive option for tooth replacement, many patients are worried about the way they work. Will they fit right? Will they be comfortable? Will they allow me to enjoy my favorite foods? When patients are faced with dentures, they may think of false teeth from their grandparents, but partial dentures work much differently. Additionally, partial dentures are often covered by dental insurance in part or in full, depending on the insurance plan. The out-of-pocket cost of partial dentures can be greatly reduced with dental insurance.

Patients in or around Mesa, Arizona are welcome to contact New Health Dental to discuss the advantages of choosing partial dentures over other options such as dental implants and bridges. Contact his practice today to book a consultation appointment and initial examination.