Safe removal of metal fillings and chelation therapy in Mesa AZ

Safe removal of metal fillings

Chelation therapy refers to a type of treatment used to remove heavy metals from the body. The basic concept of chelation is that a chemical compound grabs on to the metal (like a claw) forming a tight bond. It’s a process that occurs every day in nature, such as when plants obtain minerals from the soil. In humans, chelation is utilized when we absorb minerals. If you eat something that contains iron, that iron must be chelated with amino acids so that it can be carried through the blood and into the bone marrow.


Chelation therapy can be used medically to detoxify the body of harmful, toxic metals such as lead, mercury, or arsenic. Chelation converts these metals into a chemical form that can be naturally extracted from the body.


Amalgam Chelation


People can be exposed to mercury from a wide variety of sources including water, food, and air; however, research has shown that amalgam is one of the biggest contributors to mercury in the body. Mercury vapors can be released from the dental amalgam when it is heated (through basic functions such as brushing teeth and chewing), it can then be absorbed into the lungs and blood stream. There is an increasing concern that prolonged mercury exposure from dental amalgam can cause irreversible damage.


Dr. Fritz has partnered with Dr. Tallman to offer amalgam chelation to safely remove mercury from the body.


The first step in amalgam chelation is the safe removal of the amalgam filling. Once the filling is removed, a urine test is given to determine how much heavy metal toxicity is in the body. This test gives Dr. Tallman an accurate assessment to determine the appropriate amount of the chelating agent needed to remove the mercury from the body.


Because mercury is invisible and cannot be smelled, seen, or tasted, chelation therapy following the removal of amalgam fillings can be crucial for long term health in patients who have been exposed to the toxin long-term.


If you are in or around the Mesa, AZ area and would like to schedule a consultation with Drs. Fritz and Tallman to learn more about the safe removal of mercury fillings and chelation therapy, please call us today at (480) 830-3305.


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