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Mesa, AZ dentist answers questions about metal poisoning therapy

Metal poisoning therapy from Dr. Edward Fritz, New Health Dental

Have you ever heard of the term amalgam chelation? Chances are, you haven’t. In simple terms, chelation therapy is a way to remove harmful metals from the body. It is performed by injecting a chelating agent into the body where it will then bind to the metals in the blood and eventually be flushed out through urine.   In dentistry, we use chelation therapy to treat metal poisoning from the mercury found in amalgam fillings. Previously, silver amalgam fillings were standard practice in dentistry. They were popular because they were strong, long lasting, and affordable. Today, we understand the harmful … Continue reading

Safe removal of metal fillings and chelation therapy in Mesa AZ

Safe removal of metal fillings

Chelation therapy refers to a type of treatment used to remove heavy metals from the body. The basic concept of chelation is that a chemical compound grabs on to the metal (like a claw) forming a tight bond. It’s a process that occurs every day in nature, such as when plants obtain minerals from the soil. In humans, chelation is utilized when we absorb minerals. If you eat something that contains iron, that iron must be chelated with amino acids so that it can be carried through the blood and into the bone marrow.   Chelation therapy can be used … Continue reading

Removing heavy metals from the body near me in the Gilbert community

Removing heavy metals from the body

Are you searching for a biocompatible dentist “near me” in the Gilbert area who provides chelation therapy? Are you ready to have harmful metal toxins such as silver amalgam fillings removed from your smile and replaced with safer, more aesthetic alternatives? Do you want to work with a dentist who understands the body as a whole and how to help patients achieve better health and wellbeing from the inside out? If this sounds like you, Dr. Edward Fritz highly encourages you to consider the advantages of visiting New Health Dental.   New Health Dental is a Mesa area practice in … Continue reading