Non-extraction dental approach is a comfy, cosmetic departure from traditional braces in Mesa

Traditional braces in Mesa

Straight, evenly spaced teeth are an important feature of an attractive smile. Straight teeth help to promote oral health as they are easier to clean, and healthy smiles look good on everyone!

As a holistic dentist, New Health Dental wants to restore the health and beauty of your smile in the gentlest, non-traumatic way possible. You can rest easy knowing Dr. Fritz and his team will suggest non-extraction orthodontics, traditional braces, or cosmetic braces with your comfort and overall, long-term wellness in mind.



In the past, treatment has traditionally started with determining if and which teeth need to be removed to relieve crowding. The idea is to free up space in the upper and lower jaws by removing teeth so the remaining teeth will align properly. New Health Dental doesn’t approach orthodontics in this manner. Instead, the dental team believes it’s not the teeth or number of teeth that are problematic, but rather the size of the jaw. They can retrain your arch with functional appliances. Over time, your jaw is developed so it can accommodate all existing teeth. There is no need to extract teeth. You can keep all of your teeth, and you also gain a wider, more beautiful smile by not undergoing unnecessary extractions.



Traditionally, a system of metal wires, stainless steel brackets, and rubber bands provide the constant force necessary to move your teeth into place. If you have more moderate needs to correct problems with tooth alignment and bite, the doctor may recommend conventional braces. Keep in mind that today’s braces are made from more comfortable materials. Tooth-colored wires and brackets are also available. You don’t have to live with the obvious “metal mouth” of yesteryear.

In some cases, such as minor needs for straightening among adult patients, Dr. Fritz may recommend removable cosmetic braces. These aligners are made from a smooth and clear BPA-free plastic. A series of aligners will be prescribed to custom-fit your mouth. Like traditional braces, the appliances place constant pressure on the teeth to gradually move them into proper alignment. Every two weeks you will wear a new set, which corresponds with your broader treatment plan.

This modern option is highly effective, as long as you wear your dental braces as recommended by your provider in Mesa, New Health Dental. Generally, you can remove the aligners for cleaning and eating two to four hours daily.

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