Can adults have clear braces completed in the Mesa area?

The idea of straightening the smile can be a daunting concept for adults who have gone many years with an imperfect appearance. Most are turned off by the idea of undergoing months or years of traditional metal braces. As adults, we want to look our best, especially when we are in high-powered careers and are self-conscious about the way we look. This is why Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental may suggest patients consider clear braces available in his Mesa area practice.
Clear braces are different than traditional metal bracket and wire braces commonly used in orthodontia. Dr. Edward Fritz encourages patients to consider clear braces when dealing with mild to moderate misalignment of their smile. These clear braces use plastic aligner trays that are used to slowly reposition the smile. They snap over the dental arch and provide patients with a more discreet way of improving their smile. Patients find this to me a much more desirable method of repairing their smile than the metal brackets and wires often used by orthodontists.
Clear braces are also known as aligner therapy. There are many different brands out there but they all work essentially the same. A series of trays is made from initial impressions of the smile. The number of trays in a series will vary greatly from patient to patient. Some may have just a few while others may have a large series of 20. Each tray is worn for two weeks, and then the next tray is placed. Patients wear these trays day and night, only removing to eat, brush, and floss. Compliance is important to achieve results within a desirable time frame.
If you have been strongly considering the benefits of orthodontia but are uneasy about the idea of undergoing traditional braces, contact the team of New Health Dental in the Mesa community today. Dr. Edward Fritz can perform an initial comprehensive examination to determine one’s ability to use clear braces to improve their smile. Patients who are not proper candidates for this procedure may still be able to have traditional braces done within our practice to realign the smile and enhance its natural appearance.

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