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Clear braces Orthodontics from dentist in Mesa

Clear braces have become increasingly popular as a way to straighten teeth without traditional metal braces. Originally designed for image conscious teens or professionals, clear braces or Invisalign aligners allow patients to discreetly fix mild to moderate alignment issues. At New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ we offer a variety of traditional and cosmetic orthodontics treatments.
While concern about the appearance of the smile might lead patients to explore options for cosmetic braces, the advantages go far beyond the aesthetics of the smile. Improved alignment can help improve oral health. As teeth begin to shift into proper position patients will enjoy the following benefits:

  •   Improved oral hygiene. Teeth that are crowded together are notoriously hard to keep clean and more susceptible to decay from trapped food particles. Teeth that are properly aligned are much easier to clean with a toothbrush and floss. In addition, an improvement in brushing and flossing can cut down on plaque build-up and minimize the risk of gum disease.
  • Improved bite. The way the top and bottom dental arch fit together is extremely important for many factors. Problems with the bite (or occlusion) can lead to issues with the health of the mouth and jaw, the appearance of the face, and can also relate to TMJ disorder. An improved bite will improve the functionality, health, and beauty of the smile.
  •   Improved self-esteem. A lot of our confidence is derived from the way we feel about ourselves. When you are embarrassed by a particular feature, such as a crooked smile, it can impact that confidence. Adult cosmetic braces help confidence in two ways. The first is allowing patients to feel confident during treatment rather than constantly worry about the appearance of braces. The second is giving patients back the desire to share their smiles and feel good about their appearance.

The bottom line is: straighter teeth are healthier teeth. And a straighter smile can improve confidence. The time for your new smile is now. If you are in Mesa – call us today at (480) 830-3305 for your consultation.
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