Orthodontics available in Mesa AZ

A wonderfully aligned smile is not only beautiful, but also healthy. While patients assume that orthodontic treatment is a cosmetic service, it can also be for the overall health of a patient’s smile. Teeth that are crooked can become crowded and create more areas for food particles and plaque to develop. They can be more difficult to brush and floss, therefore leaving a patient at a higher risk for periodontal disease and cavities. Correcting misaligned teeth (malocclusion) assists in promoting good oral health habits, which means a more clean and healthy smile.

Dr. Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa AZ offers several varieties of orthodontic treatment in his practice.


Patients that require bite realignment and are dealing with concerns such as overbite, crossbite, and severe misalignment may still require traditional braces. Metal bracket and wire braces address malocclusion in a way that other methods can’t. Extractions may be necessary if there is overcrowding that cannot be improved with non-extraction orthodontics.



When overcrowding occurs, extraction can be a viable solution. However, Dr. Fritz believes in more holistic and non-invasive treatments when possible. Non-extraction orthodontics widens the arch to incorporate all of the adult teeth properly without the trauma of dental extractions.



Clear braces are aligner tray systems that are used to realign the teeth and improve the smile. They are discreet and worn over the dental arch a minimum of 22 hours per day. A series of trays are fabricated for a patient, and each one is worn for approximately two weeks. This gradual readjustment allows patients to improve their smile without the look of conventional metal bracket and wire braces.

Improving a smile with orthodontics is a great way to address misalignment and promote a healthier smile. Dr. Fritz and the team at New Health Dental provide a variety of orthodontic options as each patient’s situation does not share a “one size fits all” solution. Call our practice today to learn about holistic dentistry and the methods used to straighten teeth for teenagers and adults in the Mesa and Phoenix areas.

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