A holistic dentist differs from a “traditional” dentist in Mesa

differs from a "traditional" dentist in Mesa

When you look in the phone book, you will find listings for general, cosmetic, family, and holistic dentists. Most people know what the first three are. While the focus of their practices may be different, their dental philosophies can all be considered “traditional.” Dr. Fritz has a different philosophy; he works to keep his patients mouths healthy because a healthy mouth will help create a healthy body.


The difference between holistic and traditional dentists


The key differences can be seen in the way they approach dental problems. A doctor with a traditional dental practice tends to focus on the problem, for example, a toothache. They will determine the cause, such as a cavity; once they fill it and the toothache is gone, they feel their job is done. Dr. Fritz treats the body as a whole; and not only will he treat the immediate problem, but also take in to account the impact it may have on the entire body. If the problem is recurring, he will look to find out why.

Understanding holistic dentistry


Dr. Fritz understands how a patient’s oral heath affects the rest of their body. A key aspect to this is keeping unsafe materials out of patient’s mouths. This involves not using things like amalgam fillings and safe removal of those that are already in place.


Holistic dentistry is also about utilizing alternative options that can provide patients with a better and safer dental experience. For example, Dr. Fritz uses a digital x-ray machine; it is much more comfortable for his patients and much safer, as it emits less radiation.


Patients can count on the staff at New Health Dental to take care of all their dental needs in a safe manner. They provide a variety of services, including restorative, preventive, and cosmetic. If you have been looking for a dentist in Mesa who understands the impact oral health can have on the body, call Dr. Fritz’s office today (877) 943-3703, and schedule your appointment. They want their patients to “live Healthy and smile with confidence!”

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