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Advantages of holistic dental care without silver amalgam materials with a dentist in Mesa, AZ

Patients in Mesa, AZ who are seeking holistic care are welcome to visit the practice of New Health Dental.

Patients in Mesa, AZ who are seeking holistic care are welcome to visit the practice of New Health Dental. Dr. Edward Fritz provides biological solutions for the smile that are safe and healthy, which means using options that are not dangerous to the mouth or body. A perfect example is the use of silver amalgam fillings by other dentists. What is silver amalgam? For many years dentists have used a material to provide fillings for cavities called silver amalgam. This material looks like metal, and is made with 50 percent mercury. Mercury is a substance that releases toxins to the … Continue reading

Choosing the right dentist in Mesa, AZ for safe removal of mercury

afe removal of mercury By Dr. Edward Fritz

Have you been researching dentists for the safe removal and replacement of your old amalgam fillings? If so, you are probably considering mercury free dentists in the Mesa, AZ area. Many people are unaware of the risks associated with amalgam removal and the need for strict adherence to safety protocols. A mercury safe dentist like Dr. Fritz follows guidelines set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He is a trusted biocompatible dentist in the Mesa, AZ area. The importance of “mercury safe” The traditional removal method for a dental filling is simple. It is drilled out and … Continue reading

Find a holistic dentist in Mesa for anxiety free dental care

anxiety free dental care By Dr. Edward Fritz

Dental anxiety is something that many people in Mesa and the surrounding areas must learn to manage. The good news is that modern dentistry can be virtually painless. Still, many maintain stress and apprehension over visiting the dentist. Patients can find help with a holistic dentist at New Health Dental in Mesa. We take care of our patients’ wellbeing as well as oral health. We understand dental phobia and work with our patients to experience dental care free of anxiety. It is important for patients to let us know when they are feeling anxious. It is important to remember that … Continue reading

Comprehensive holistic dental care in Mesa

holistic dental care in Mesa

Comprehensive holistic dentistry focuses on proper oral hygiene at home, a healthy lifestyle, and regular dental care as a means to prevent dental disease or catch it in the early stages. At New Health Dental in Mesa, our number one priority is to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. We understand the oral systemic connection, focusing on minimally invasive procedures and utilizing only biocompatible materials allows us to offer care helps protect your overall wellbeing. Proper Oral Hygiene   It sounds simple, but many people, even adults, are unaware of how to properly brush their teeth. Use a soft-bristled … Continue reading

Find your very own holistic dentist in Mesa

Find your very own holistic dentist

At New Health Dental, Dr. Edward Fritz and his team of professionals help patients in and around the Mesa area with a wide range of biological dentistry solutions. If you want to find your very own holistic dentist in the area, contact our team and make an appointment to learn about all we have to offer!   Dr. Edward Fritz focuses on holistic dental care. He knows how important it is to understand the link between the oral cavity and overall health and wellness. Every procedure he performs in his practice is done with the highest of standards. In addition … Continue reading

Why should patients near the Gilbert area strongly consider the removal of mercury-laden fillings?

Dr. Edward Fritz at New Health Dental strongly consider the removal of mercury-laden

Many patients near the area of Gilbert who have had fillings done by dentists may be dealing with a toxic substance introduced into their body – mercury. Mercury is a toxin that makes up a substantial portion of metal fillings. In fact, mercury makes up approximately 50 percent of silver amalgam fillings, which have been used for decades by dentists for repairing areas of decay. While it used to be deemed safe to have these fillings placed into teeth for sealing off the tooth once decay has occurred, it has been found by studies that the mercury can release toxins … Continue reading

Dentist in Mesa describes the benefits of mercury free dentistry

benefits of mercury free dentistry

Over the last few years, patients have been warned about the negative effects of silver amalgam fillings. While these fillings have been used for many decades to repair teeth after decay, more recent studies have found that they can be relatively dangerous for ones health and wellness. Silver amalgam fillings are made of approximately 50% mercury—a toxic substance. Mercury is known for releasing harmful toxins which can be released into the bloodstream and body and cause problems including immune deficiency diseases and neurological concerns.   By avoiding the use of silver amalgam fillings, Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental … Continue reading

Why Gilbert area residents should choose mercury free dentistry

New Health Dental mercury free dentistry

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of the body, many problems may stem from the mouth. The mouth has an oral systemic connection to the rest of the body and can negatively affect one’s health. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental believes in providing patients with biocompatible dentistry and regular care of the smile to ensure patients enjoy the advantages of a healthy smile and body.   One of the steps to accomplish this is to visit a practice that offers mercury free dentistry. Mercury free dentistry ensures that there is no risk of mercury toxicity. Many … Continue reading

What are the benefits of visiting a biological dentist in Gilbert?

benefits of visiting a biological dentist

Gilbert area residents who are concerned about the health and wellness of their body are advised to take those same precautions with their dentist as they do with their doctors. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental is a biological dentist who provides his patients with holistic dental services that are geared towards a focus on the body as a whole, not just the smile. Biological dentists understand the connection between the mouth and body and use only safe and healthy materials when restoring and repairing the smile.   Biological dentistry focuses on techniques and artistry in both general and … Continue reading

Gilbert area residents consider holistic dentist for oral health needs

holistic dentist for oral health needs

Patients in the Gilbert area and surrounding cities who are considering the benefits of a holistic dentist are encouraged to schedule a visit to Dr. Fritz and the team of New Health Dental. A holistic dentist is often misunderstood. This approach to dental treatment focuses on the care of the patient’s health, safety, and their body as a whole—not just the mouth. They avoid the placement of toxic materials including silver amalgam fillings, which are known for releasing mercury vapors. They ensure that everything they do is done with the body and health in mind.   Holistic dentistry also focuses … Continue reading