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A holistic dentist differs from a “traditional” dentist in Mesa

differs from a "traditional" dentist in Mesa

When you look in the phone book, you will find listings for general, cosmetic, family, and holistic dentists. Most people know what the first three are. While the focus of their practices may be different, their dental philosophies can all be considered “traditional.” Dr. Fritz has a different philosophy; he works to keep his patients mouths healthy because a healthy mouth will help create a healthy body.   The difference between holistic and traditional dentists   The key differences can be seen in the way they approach dental problems. A doctor with a traditional dental practice tends to focus on … Continue reading

Holistic dentistry can provide the best treatment for your dental needs in Mesa

best treatment for your dental needs

The term “holistic” refers to complete systems, or wholes. That is an accurate description of holistic dentistry, which treats the body as a whole rather than simply treating the mouth. Dr. Fritz works to find the cause of his patients’ problems, not just treat their symptoms.   Dr. Fritz and the staff at New Health Dental are committed to your oral and overall health, because a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. A very important service they provide to their patents to protect and restore their oral health is the safe removal of amalgam fillings. Many of Dr. Fritz’s new … Continue reading

Finding the best holistic dentist in Mesa, AZ

best holistic dentist

Holistic, or alternative dentistry, can be classified as treating the patient’s oral health in the context of their overall wellbeing. Focus is on the patient and their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Dr. Fritz and his team at New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ are committed to the idea that a healthy mouth is synonymous with a healthy body.   One of the biggest factors of holistic dentistry is the opposition to mercury silver (amalgam silver) fillings. Dr. Fritz and his team are experienced in the safe removal of mercury fillings and can fill teeth with safer and more aesthetically … Continue reading

Benefits of holistic dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Dr. Fritz patient shows Benefits of holistic dentistry

Holistic Dentistry focuses on overall wellness as it relates to oral health. It incorporates natural health philosophies along with a healthier approach to traditional dentistry to ensure the patients’ long-term health. By focusing on the patient instead of symptoms, holistic practitioners are able to have a profound impact on the health of their patients’ mouths.   Prevention is a major component of holistic dentistry. Preventative care can drastically reduce the need for restorative dental treatments in the future. Dr. Fritz strives to prevent future cavities and gum disease by educating his patients on the importance of a healthy diet and … Continue reading