Benefits of holistic dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Dr. Fritz patient shows Benefits of holistic dentistry

Holistic Dentistry focuses on overall wellness as it relates to oral health. It incorporates natural health philosophies along with a healthier approach to traditional dentistry to ensure the patients’ long-term health. By focusing on the patient instead of symptoms, holistic practitioners are able to have a profound impact on the health of their patients’ mouths.


Prevention is a major component of holistic dentistry. Preventative care can drastically reduce the need for restorative dental treatments in the future. Dr. Fritz strives to prevent future cavities and gum disease by educating his patients on the importance of a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene.


Brushing your teeth twice per day along with flossing will prevent plaque build-up. When left on the teeth, plaque can result in acid that can eventually lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease can turn into periodontitis and put you at an increased risk for heart disease. Foods that are high in sugars and starches can also start the decay process. Eating a nutritious diet loaded with vegetables, fruits, fiber, and whole grains will help keep your teeth healthy. Dr. Fritz is happy to recommend diet changes that will improve your oral health.


Holistic dentistry also involves the use of bio compatible materials. Standard mercury amalgam fillings contain toxic metals that can be detrimental to your health. Dr. Fritz believes in the use porcelain fillings and is able to remove previous amalgam fillings safely. It is important to Dr. Fritz that the work done in your mouth does not negatively impact your overall health.


Dr. Fritz and the entire team at New Health Dental strive to create an environment that is relaxing and pleasant for all of our patients. We care about the entire wellbeing of our patients, from the emotional to the physical, and our primary concern is your total health. At New Health Dental, we can restore health and function to your mouth in a natural and safe way, leaving you with the beautiful smile you have always desired. To learn more about Dr. Fritz and his holistic dentistry services in the Mesa, AZ area, call today to schedule a consultation.

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