Finding the best holistic dentist in Mesa, AZ

best holistic dentist

Holistic, or alternative dentistry, can be classified as treating the patient’s oral health in the context of their overall wellbeing. Focus is on the patient and their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Dr. Fritz and his team at New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ are committed to the idea that a healthy mouth is synonymous with a healthy body.


One of the biggest factors of holistic dentistry is the opposition to mercury silver (amalgam silver) fillings. Dr. Fritz and his team are experienced in the safe removal of mercury fillings and can fill teeth with safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives.


One of the keys to maintaining your oral health is to develop and maintain consistent oral hygiene. Twice daily brushing and flossing coupled with bi-yearly professional cleaning will help keep your teeth in their optimal condition.


When choosing a holistic dentist, it is important to consider the following:

  • Find out how dental exams are structured. Are they just looking at your mouth or evaluating your overall health? For example, Dr. Fritz and his team won’t just look at potential gum disease as an isolated problem. We will look for other signs like TMJ or sleep apnea to identify potential problems and will work with you to come up with a treatment plan.
  • If you are considering having your amalgam fillings removed, ask the dentist to describe the procedure and all of the equipment they use. There are specific protocols such as use of a rubber dam, oxygen, and high volume suction that should be in place to ensure a safe removal of the fillings.
  • Inquire about the dentist’s familiarity with state of the art technology. Newer technologies allow once-complicated procedures to be completed quicker and easier than in the past. Ask your holistic dentist how they keep up with advancements in holistic treatments and if they are using low dose radiation and digital x rays in their practice.
  • Follow your gut. Only you can decide what holistic dentist is right for you. Ask lots of questions and explain your reason for seeking alternative dental care. You are the only person who can determine who the right is the right practitioner for you.

For more information on mercury-free or other holistic dental treatments, contact Dr. Fritz and his staff at New Health Dental. Dr. Fritz is a proud member of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. We are ready to answer any questions you have and are by your side as you take your oral health and wellness into your own hands.

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