Gilbert area residents consider holistic dentist for oral health needs

holistic dentist for oral health needs

Patients in the Gilbert area and surrounding cities who are considering the benefits of a holistic dentist are encouraged to schedule a visit to Dr. Fritz and the team of New Health Dental. A holistic dentist is often misunderstood. This approach to dental treatment focuses on the care of the patient’s health, safety, and their body as a whole—not just the mouth. They avoid the placement of toxic materials including silver amalgam fillings, which are known for releasing mercury vapors. They ensure that everything they do is done with the body and health in mind.


Holistic dentistry also focuses on providing preventative care. Bacteria can end up causing problems including periodontal disease. The bacteria can flow through the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. This is called the oral systemic connection. Patients are educated on how to maintain a healthy smile and body by improving oral health care habits.


Holistic dentists also provide safe removal of silver amalgam fillings to replace these areas with composite resin bonding which is much safer and more aesthetic than metal. New Health Dental focuses on following the standards and protocols set forth by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity), which encourages better dental health practices. New Health Dental is a very science-based practice in the Mesa area that is dedicated to helping patients view their smile as a source of health, not just the mouth. We do so by educating patients on how the health of the smile directly affects the health of their body.


Patients who are ready for a different experience at the dental office are encouraged to visit the team of New Health Dental in the Mesa area. Our practice can help patients achieve better oral health, which can improve one’s overall wellbeing. The oral systemic connection is a serious concern when periodontal disease and other bacteria are present, so patients can visit our team of professionals to bring their smile back to health and enjoy a quality of life!


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