Find a holistic dentist in Mesa for anxiety free dental care

anxiety free dental care By Dr. Edward Fritz

Dental anxiety is something that many people in Mesa and the surrounding areas must learn to manage. The good news is that modern dentistry can be virtually painless. Still, many maintain stress and apprehension over visiting the dentist. Patients can find help with a holistic dentist at New Health Dental in Mesa. We take care of our patients’ wellbeing as well as oral health. We understand dental phobia and work with our patients to experience dental care free of anxiety.

It is important for patients to let us know when they are feeling anxious. It is important to remember that dental phobia is normal and common. Our number one goal as a dental practice is to help preserve our patients’ dental health. Once we understand the fear, we can take steps to address it.

One way we do this is through communication. We find that many of our patients are simply apprehensive about the unknown. We are happy to take the time to discuss the details of potential procedures. By letting you know what we will be doing, the time it will take, and what types of pain medication are available, you can feel more at ease about your appointment.

Another coping mechanism is relaxation. When you are stressed, your body begins to exhibit physical symptoms of the stress including faster breathing, tighter muscles, and an increased heart rate. By learning relaxation techniques, you can help lower those responses to fear and reduce your levels of stress. Some examples of relaxation techniques are deep breaths, conscious relaxation of muscles, and even creating and focusing on peaceful. positive mental images.

Additionally, we offer oral conscious sedation, which is mild form of sedation that can help calm the nervous system and drastically reduce anxiety. To learn more, call us at (480) 830-3305 today.

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