Find your very own holistic dentist in Mesa

Find your very own holistic dentist

At New Health Dental, Dr. Edward Fritz and his team of professionals help patients in and around the Mesa area with a wide range of biological dentistry solutions. If you want to find your very own holistic dentist in the area, contact our team and make an appointment to learn about all we have to offer!


Dr. Edward Fritz focuses on holistic dental care. He knows how important it is to understand the link between the oral cavity and overall health and wellness. Every procedure he performs in his practice is done with the highest of standards. In addition to general dentistry services, he also provides cosmetic and restorative care.


Our holistic practice offers a myriad of services, including those below:


Porcelain fillings


Silver amalgam fillings are avoided in a holistic dental practice because of their mercury content, so we provide patients with more aesthetic and safer solutions such as porcelain fillings when addressing areas of decay.


Teeth whitening


Brightening the smile with over-the-counter products often results in minimal improvement, which is why Dr. Edward Fritz is proud to offer professional-grade teeth whitening services for a brilliantly beautiful smile!


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