Advantages of holistic dental care without silver amalgam materials with a dentist in Mesa, AZ

Patients in Mesa, AZ who are seeking holistic care are welcome to visit the practice of New Health Dental.

Patients in Mesa, AZ who are seeking holistic care are welcome to visit the practice of New Health Dental. Dr. Edward Fritz provides biological solutions for the smile that are safe and healthy, which means using options that are not dangerous to the mouth or body. A perfect example is the use of silver amalgam fillings by other dentists.

What is silver amalgam?

For many years dentists have used a material to provide fillings for cavities called silver amalgam. This material looks like metal, and is made with 50 percent mercury. Mercury is a substance that releases toxins to the human body when heated. When patients bite and chew their food with silver amalgam fillings, they are causing this material to release toxins that can become detrimental to their overall health and wellness. Dr. Edward Fritz is a holistic dentist who avoids the use of this material in his practice, even though the ADA has not banned it from use. Instead, he utilizes alternative materials that are safer and more effective at treating areas of decay.

Holistic alternatives to silver amalgam fillings

Instead of using silver amalgam materials in his practice, Dr. Edward Fritz focuses on the use of composite resin bonding. This is a material that is made with plastic and glass to resemble natural tooth enamel. It has many benefits.

  • Composite resin materials do not expand and contract when placed, which eliminates the chances of bacteria entering into the inside of the tooth and causing an infection.
  • Composite resin materials are not made with mercury or other substances that are toxic to the human body.
  • Composite resin materials are made to match the existing tooth’s structure, so it is practically indistinguishable when patients smile, laugh, or speak to others.
  • Composite resin materials are also used to repair teeth and are a great alternative to porcelain veneers.
  • Composite resin materials are affordable, making them a viable option for patients on a tight budget.
  • Composite resin materials will last several years before they need to be replaced.
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Can I have my fillings replaced?

Absolutely! Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental is proud to offer composite resin fillings as a solution for patients who are interested in removing their silver amalgam fillings and replacing them with an aesthetic alternative. Patients can visit the practice to discuss the opportunity with a professional and get started in achieving better oral health and wellness.

Am I a candidate for composite resin fillings?

Everyone who has a cavity can address the condition with the use of composite resin. In fact, we highly suggest it as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. While many dentists in the Mesa, AZ area still use amalgam, we know how harmful it can be, and we offer only composite resin. For patients with larger areas of decay in which composite fillings may not be sufficient, we may suggest the use of inlays, onlays, or the placement of a dental crown to maintain structure and protect the natural tooth from damage. All of these are biocompatible options and fall in the category of holistic care.

Process of obtaining a resin filling

 Dr. Edward Fritz provides biological solutions for the smile that are safe and healthy,

First, a patient is diagnosed with a cavity, during which our team of professionals will prepare the area with the removal of the damaged structure. Then, the composite resin filling is placed inside the tooth. A special light is used to harden the composite resin, after which, Dr. Edward Fritz will then file down and polish it. This gives the material the same shine and appearance as the natural tooth enamel. Patients are then given after-care instructions and are advised to avoid tooth-staining foods as this will stain the fillings as well.

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