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What is sedation dentistry in Mesa?

Sedation Dentistry Mesa

When patients have an unsettling fear of the dentist, it can take a lot to get them to come in to the practice for an examination and a cleaning. Fear or anxiety around visiting the dentist is a common situation that many people in Mesa experience. However, Dr. Fritz, of New Health Dental, offers sedation dentistry to assist these patients in getting the care they need-and deserve!\ Sedation dentistry incorporates the use of oral conscious sedation to relax a patient before and during his or her appointment. Patients first discuss their anxiety levels with the dentist to determine the strength … Continue reading

Sedation dentists in the Mesa area describe oral conscious sedation

Sedation Dentists in Mesa

It is common for patients in and around the Mesa, Arizona area to have dental fears and anxieties. This is why sedation dentists are in high demand. Sedation dentists provide methods of calming and relaxation that are safe, effective, and affordable for patients. Treatment may be done in a variety of ways, and Dr. Edward Fritz finds that fearful patients may benefit most from oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to get nervous patients into the dental chair for necessary examinations and treatments. This method of treatment helps in relaxing them enough to … Continue reading

How patients can achieve painless dentistry solutions in the Mesa area

Painless Dentistry Mesa

At New Health Dental, we understand that many Mesa area patients are looking for a painless dentistry experience. Many individuals have anxieties that have formed due to past negative experiences at the dental office. Because of this, they want to reduce sensitivity to treatments, no matter how simple or minor. Dr. Edward Fritz understands that these dental apprehensions often result in patients not getting the appropriate, timely dental care necessary to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for life. This is why he offers sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a method that allows the dentist to ensure patients have a positive … Continue reading

Cost of Oral Sedation Dentistry Mesa

Cost of Oral Sedation Dentistry Mesa

Visiting the dentist is often known as a stressful experience for patients who have dental anxiety. Thanks to advances in dentistry, New Health Dental in Mesa offers oral conscious sedation to put patients at ease and make their visit much more enjoyable. Oral conscious sedation is a treatment that is used to address dental fears, while also making patients comfortable especially for long dental sessions. It can be used for a simple examination or for extensive dental work such as full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Edward Fritz and his team at New Health Dental encourage patients to take the time to … Continue reading

Residents in Mesa wants to know the risks of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Risk in Mesa

Advances in dentistry have virtually eliminated discomfort to patients; however, going to the dentist is grounds for a panic attack for some people. The fear can come from anywhere, from a bad childhood experience in the dental chair to a relative’s horror story about their dental visit. Regardless of the cause, that anxiety can keep a patient with a potentially serious dental problem from seeking help. Sedation dentistry is a method more dentists are turning to for the ability to turn any dental procedure into a “non-issue” for even the most dental-phobic patients. Sedation is not just appropriate for those … Continue reading

Dental anxiety fades away with an oral sedative in Mesa, AZ

Oral Sedatives from Dr. Edward Fritz, New Health Dental

Patients experience dental anxiety for a range of reasons. It can stem from an unpleasant experience, fear of pain, or even a strong gag reflex. Patients who experience dental anxiety often put their oral health at risk due to lack of proper treatment. Using oral sedatives, practices like New Health dental can offer patients in Mesa, AZ restored oral health and the ability to be comfortable at the dentist’s office.   At New Health dental, we offer oral sedatives, which is a type of medication that is taken at a at home, prior to the patient coming in for an … Continue reading